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Exhibition Review | LTECH Proudly Showcased at Smart Home Expo 2024 in Mumbai, India

May 07, 2024

Smart Home Expo 2024 in India took place on May 2-4. This three-day international event has come to an end. During this event, LTECH gathered together with global industry professionals and benefited a lot from the insightful sharing.

Smart Home Expo is currently the largest and most comprehensive smart home exhibition in India and South Asia. It unites hundreds of top industry brands, architectural designers, interior designers, real estate developers and other industry professionals from around the world.

Experiencing an interactive stroll at the interesting LTECH booth!

LTECH booth welcomed industry guests with an open and minimalist design. Utilizing Artnet technology, pixel lights were uniquely controlled to produce a captivating ceiling light film effect, bringing a more interesting exhibition experience to all attendees and fostering engaging communication.

Winners of ten international design awards, our stunning smart home products are on display

Our stunning smart home products were showcased on site, including SUPER+ panel series that has won ten international industrial design awards, the exceptional smart central control display Super Panel 12S, Creativity panel series with pioneering, customized screen displays.

The three-day Smart Home Expo 2024 has successfully ended. Thanks for having your attention and support. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition next year!