2.4G wireless power repeater LT-3050,LT-3053-5A,LT-3054-5A The world's first wireless power repeater, long-range control.
2.4G wireless DMX decoder LT-874-5A OLED display, 8bit/16bit input, mutil dimming curves, wireless remote control.
DMX Dimming Driver (CC/CV) LT-451-10A OLED display, support assigned addreas automatically or manually with seft-test function.
Music controller LT-3500-6A,LT-209 New arrived music controller: RGB music controller and digital pixel music controller.

LTECH is a front-runner in the field of LED lighting controller. As the first high-end manufacturer in China and one of the leading suppliers in the world, we have engaged in R&D of LED lighting control technology since 2001.

As an intelligent lighting technology enabler, LTECH has developed hundreds of intelligent LED controlling technologies, which ...... Details