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2024 LTECH New Distributor Training Conference Successfully Held

Apr 24, 2024

With spring in the air and a focus on growth, April must have been an exciting time for everyone to make strides forward. The 2024 LTECH New Smart Home Distributor Training Conference was held at the new LTECH R&D headquarters base from April 22 to April 23, where in-depth visits, learning sessions, and training activities were conducted. Distributors united by a shared goal gathered together to propel the smart home industry forward.

A wealth of valuable knowledge helps accelerate the rapid growth of distributors!

To enable the newly signed distributors with an in-depth understanding of LTECH's cutting-edge technology and robust products, as well as a comprehensive grasp of LTECH's brand concept, this training conference assembles top-tier lecturers, outstanding distributors, and R&D personnel. Through these well crafted courses with valuable insights, our aim is to empower participants to advance confidently along the industry path.

Revealing the formidable technological strengths and taking a comprehensive tour of the R&D headquarters base!

In 2024, we have officially embarked on LTECH 3.0 era. This year is also the first year that the new LTECH R&D headquarters base has commenced operations. This year's trainees are also the first group of distributors to delve into our R&D headquarters.

Participants visited the production line and witnessed the intricate "birth" process of LTECH products. They were led to the experiment center, where they engaged closely with experimental instruments. These formidable strengths affirm why individuals wholeheartedly embrace LTECH on their journey of intelligent upgrading, fostering confidence in moving forward.

LTECH's new headquarters leverages our proprietary system products to create intelligent control solutions. As the students explored the lobby, they "looked around" at the applied products with great interest.

Let's dive straight into the practical product practice program application!

No matter how thorough the theoretical study, its efficacy remains untested without practical application. To speed up hands-on learning, a practical examination will be administered under the guidance of lecturers on the second day of the course.

After two full days of intensive study, LTECH organized a ceremonial "graduation ceremony" for the students. When the ceremony is successfully completed, each participant will officially be recognized as an LTECH smart home distributor. LTECH remains steadfast in its commitment as an enabler, continually assisting the industry's intelligent evolution, and advancing hand in hand with all involved.