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Hotel Application of LTECH Smart Home System | True Go Hotel in Zhongguancun, Beijing

Apr 18, 2024

True Go Hotel(Beijing Shangdi Software Park South Street)

In the Haidian District of Beijing, where land is at a premium, Zhongguancun stands as the epicenter for the nation's leading tech firms including Lenovo, Baidu, Tencent, Sina, and NetEase. Nestled beside the Shangdi Software Park, True Go Hotel is an optimal option for business travelers to live. Its reception lobby warmly welcomes the technological elites with its gorgeous and unique lighting design.

Beyond the soft and hard decoration, the quality of lighting plays a pivotal role in ensuring the utmost comfort of guests at the hotel. In business hotels, a healthy and comfortable lighting environment allows guests to enjoy a restful stay and maintain an appropriate working space. The unique lighting designs make exhausted guests even feel more relaxed. True Go Hotel employs the LTECH smart home system to create a lighting control solution that provide the lobby with a harmonious lighting atmosphere of both comfort and creativity.

Utilizing lines to highlight the transitions between light and shadow
Designing imaginative lighting for business hotels

As guests step into the hotel lobby, they are greeted by warm lighting that fills the entire space. The design, though seemingly simple, reveals "hidden secrets". Wooden lines on the ceiling frame a recessed "Rubik's Cube" structure, while a soft halo of light produces from the lighting film and falls on the green plants and soft furnishings, showcasing the interplay of light and shadow. Utilizing the LTECH Super Panel and the LTECH Bluetooth 5.0 full-color LED drivers the hotel offers an ultra-stable IoT wireless intelligent control solution for personalized lighting experiences.

Modern hotel lighting design reflects the innovative thoughts of designers. To achieve these design highlights, the execution of lighting projects often involves extensive testing and meticulous planning. LTECH whole house smart system leverages Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh technology for seamless networking. With the L-Home app, all Bluetooth devices and lighting effects can be commissioned effortlessly, eliminating the time and labor costs in specialized wiring.

During the day, high-brightness, cool-toned light energizes guests and keeps them alert. At night, warm-toned, soft light illuminates the lobby, ensuring the lighting is gentle on the eyes and doesn't disrupt sleep. At other times, vivid colors create lively and dynamic transformations . The color of the ceiling's recessed "Rubik's Cube" complements the concealed light strips on the walls and bar, creating dimensional shifts in light and shadow.

LTECH is the pioneer of T-PWM® super depth dimming technology that enables the dimming depth of 0.01%. It ensures smooth and delicate dimming without any flicker throughout the process, reaching the IEEE1789 standard and meeting the high-frequency exemption level. LTECH intelligent Bluetooth 5.0 driver series not only facilitates the creation of diverse moods and rich atmospheres through adjustable color temperatures and seamless transitions between light and shadow but also are equipped with smart adaptive lighting technology. This makes full circadian lighting and customized circadian lighting, allowing users to tailor circadian lighting solutions at will.

LTECH intelligent Bluetooth drivers adopt the international standard Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh networking technology, certified by the Bluetooth Alliance for mesh networking technology. Thus its stability is authoritatively recognized. Additionally, China's mandatory SRRC wireless certification have obtained, adhering to national radio management standards and China's mandatory CCC certification. Compatible with various brands of lamps on the market, the drivers unlock boundless creativity in smart home lighting solutions. Moreover, OTA upgrade keeps the products always up-to-date, meeting the diverse needs of designers at anytime.

Controlling an extensive range of lighting scenes with one click
Crafting unique smart hotel solutions

To fulfill the demands of various lighting scenarios and control scenes in a more convenient and efficient way, the hotel employs LTECH's four-inch super panel integrated with a dimming module for intelligent management. Featuring a gateway function, LTECH super panel has a built-in wired network port and WIFI network access to realize remote control and a rich variety of functions. With this, "Distributed architecture + Master-slave architecture = Composite system architecture" is built, allowing for flexible product combination, powerful functionality, and scalability.

By connecting to the LTECH smart home system, users can enjoy the quick intelligent control with one click on the smart panel. Remote control is also achieved via the mobile L-Home App to start their ideal living scenes at any time .

LTECH smart home devices all have relay functions and support linkage of up to 300 devices. The devices also have LTECH’s pioneering distributed scene storage black technology which enables up to 200 local scenes saved on the devices. Optional local and cloud execution ensures stable connectivity. Users can create appropriate smart scenes to cater to their needs.

Lighting is a pivotal element in defining the hotel environment. With rich experience in star hotel lighting project, LTECH has crafted intelligent lighting solutions for numerous renowned hotels worldwide. For such large-scale, high-demand hotel lighting projects, we deliver unparalleled star-rated hotel lighting in an efficient and safe way.

LTECH has dived deep into the industry for 21 years and we have developed a full range of smart lighting control products centered around "Smart Home", "Intelligent Driver" and "LED Control System". We have also created sub-brand products such as L-BUS® lighting control system, LTSYS® intelligent drivers, and Xiaolei® smart home products. Additionally, we have created our L-Home® IoT cloud platform. A large number of competitive, safe and reliable products have been provided for smart homes, smart offices, and smart hotels. We have built tens of thousands of medium- and large-size lighting projects and will continue to provide one-stop intelligent lighting control solutions to our global customers.

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