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Project Case | The Intelligent Lighting For Asian Games Stadiums Is More Than Just Lighting

Oct 01, 2023

In this golden autumn of 2023 , the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou officially kicked off! Apart from athletes with valiant and heroic in bearing , the sports venues of Asian Games this year has also attracted the attention of domestic and foreign media . The outstanding space design of the stadium is inseparable from "lighting". Healthy and comfortable intelligent lighting allows athletes to perform at their best.

LTECH DALI products are used in
the Asian Games E-sports Stadium

LTECH 0-10V products are used in
the Asian Games Natatorium

LTECH 0-10V products are used in
the Asian Games Chess Hall


Stunning butterfly-shaped natatorium

LTECH 0-10V drivers support natatorium lighting

When the night falls, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium and Swimming Pool on the banks of the Qiantang River transform into "Galaxy Phantom".

The natatorium incorporates a swimming pool and a diving pool, integrating swimming, diving competitions and training together. Therefore, it has a high level of requirements for the indoor lighting environment . LTECH intelligent 0-10V dimmable drivers are used to realize intelligent control of multiple lights inside and outside the natatorium, while creating beautiful, healthy and comfortable venue lighting for athletes and audiences.

LTECH’s low-power 0-10V interface design makes it power consumption 20-30 times lower than other alternatives in the market. According to our tests, more than 200 LED drivers can be on one single circuit while only 10 substitute drivers on the market can be installed.In such international large-scale lighting projects , LTECH drivers greatly improve the project efficiency and reduce project costs.


Stage for a battle of wits

LTECH 0-10V drivers support chess hall lighting

Qi-Yuan (Zhili) Chess Hall is located in Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center area, near the main stadium of Asian Games - the 'Big Lotus”. The Qi-Yuan (Zhili) Chess Hall serves as the competition venue for 4 wits games during Asian Games, which include Go, Xiangqi, Chess and Contract Bridge.

LTECH intelligent 0-10V drivers are also used to intelligently control the lighting for this hall. During the long-lasting "brain-burning" board game competition, high-quality lighting is provided to guard each player’s optimal status.

LTECH intelligent 0-10V drivers have super strong load capacity and T-PWM super depth dimming technology as well that dims lights from 0.01% and delivers smooth, continuous dimming with no flicker across the range. The dimming complies with the IEEE1789 standard and reaches the high-frequency exemption level, which perfectly meets the lighting demands of chess events and creates healthy and eye-protecting lighting.


Star warship shape stadium

LTECH DALI controllers support e-sports stadium lighting

At this year's Asian Games Hangzhou, e-sports became an official event for the first time. Built for Asian Games e-sports stadium in Hangzhou, the building is like a cool “star warship”. To match the sci-fi lighting of the building facade, LTECH creates the stadium interior lighting using the DALI LED dimmable drivers. Through the shape created by light strips surrounding the public areas, a "cyberpunk" stadium is made that harmoniously matches the interior and exterior.

In 2005, LTECH started to put R&D efforts to develop DALI products; in 2007, we launched DALI control devices, DALI dimmers and DALI series products ; in 2018, we invented the revolutionary T-PWM super depth dimming technology and applied it to DALI dimmable drivers.This technology solved the pain points of several common dimming technologies in the industry, including CCR simulation, PWM, and CCR+PWM. In 2022, we launched the NFC programmable DALI drivers, which was hailed as "black technology" by industry professionals and achieved the world's first technological breakthrough: in the past, the current of most NFC-enabled drivers can be changed only. Now, LTECH released NFC programmable LED drivers that seem to install a DALI master controller into the mobile APP. This function simplifies the complicated DALI demand settings, including grouping and scene settings. It has never been so easier to read, write and program LED drivers. We enter the extremely intelligent era.

LTECH is a Regular member of the DALI Alliance and a member of the DALI Alliance China Focus Group. LTECH DALI products strictly follow the protocol standards of the DALI Alliance and all the released DALI drivers obtained the DALI Alliance certification, as well as CCC, UL, FCC, TUV, CE, RCM, ENEC, KC, EAC, BIS and ROSH certification. LTECH has an extensive range of DALI products, which are made of high-quality materials. They provide stable control, reliable and smooth dimming, and 100% compatibility that can meet the light fixture requirements of all kinds of scenes.

The Asian Games are in full swing! From exciting sports to outstanding hall design, and to various black technologies in the performance, we believe it will be an event that will go down in history! LTECH wishes this year’s athletes good results and enjoy the competition! We will also continue to use the super power of "intelligent lighting" to support various lighting projects and create aesthetic, healthy and comfortable intelligent lighting.

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