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LTECH Smart Home Case Study Collection | Extraordinary Residential Projects Across China

Apr 24, 2024

As the demand for personalized living experiences continues to rise, youngsters are increasingly seeking multifunctional apartment designs and a diverse range of home devices. This signifies the integration of more extensive scenarios into whole house smart solutions.

Today, we are excited to present three application solutions for three different types of houses, offering an experience to showcase the capabilities of the LTECH smart home system.

Xinggang Butterfly Bay in Suzhou, China

As a residential complex much loved by local populace
Xingang Butterfly Bay is a typical embodiment of livability
Its design characterized by a Soviet-style garden
Encapsulating the unhurried pace of life of Suzhou people

This villa-type project has spacious, multi-floor spaces, enabling residents to use their creativity in space design. However, this poses greater challenges for the lighting layout. LTECH whole house smart system is networked through the Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh technology. With the L-Home APP, all Bluetooth devices and lighting effects can be effortlessly commissioned,reducing both time and labor costs in specialized wiring.

The solution utilizes a LTECH super smart panel, super smart switches, and intelligent Bluetooth 5.0 drivers to realize various lighting scenes. As a pioneer of T-PWM super depth dimming technology,LTECH's entire range of intelligent Bluetooth drivers are equipped with million-level super depth dimming technology, fitting a wide variety of lighting scenarios and requirements. The dimming process is flicker-free that reaches the IEEE 1789 standard and meets the high frequency exemption level, ensuring the creation of healthy, comfortable, and high-quality lighting environments.

North Shanghai Extreme in Qidong, China

Located within the North Qidong Bridgehead
North Shanghai Extreme has a quick access to Chongqi Bridge, seamlessly connecting with Shanghai
To the north, the Butterfly Lake is tranquil, while to the south, the river turbulently flows
Offering an interpretation of elite circle life

The project involves a penthouse with captivating sea views and the open, transparent design. The lighting design of every space has a significant impact on the overall beauty and comfort. Utilizing an array of concealed light strips and downlights as primary light sources, the owner has crafted a sense of hierarchy within the space. Through the LTECH smart home system, lighting scenes across multiple areas of the house can be intelligently controlled with a single click, effectively distinguishing the functionality of each space.

With the integration of LTECH super panel and Bluetooth 5.0 drivers, the intelligent control solution becomes even more flexible. Featuring a gateway function, LTECH super panel has a built-in wired network port and WIFI network access to realize remote control and a rich variety of functions. With this, "Distributed architecture + Master-slave architecture = Composite system architecture" is built, allowing for flexible product combination, powerful functionality, and scalability. In the spacious space, it suits the diverse designs.

Cuihu Xiangshan Rose Garden in Zhuhai, China

Cuihu Xiangshan International Garden
Located in the Zhuhai Lakewood Golf Club
Captures the coastal romance
That seamlessly blended with resort-style living.
As a quintessential high-end residence
It stands as a hallmark of luxury in Zhuhai

The Rose Garden, a highly popular villa product within Cuihu Xiangshan International Garden, boasts a high-ceiling hall design that provides ample space for lighting aesthetics. Lighting serves as a critical element that creates ambiance for spaces, where light and shadow are controlled to craft immersive atmospheres. Leveraging the SUPER+ series super smart panels, this project exemplifies the functionality and aesthetics of smart control.

The solution utilizes LTECH SUPER+ Super Panel 6S and the Creativity panel series with pioneering, customized screen displays: each button is designed with a PMOLED screen space, enabling synchronized customization of scenes and names via the L-Home APP. This flexibility allows for easy modification of button names. LTECH offers a full range of visually stunning smart panels that have won 9 international industrial design awards. These panels set the standard for aesthetics and seamlessly blend with a variety of interior design styles.

LTECH has dived deep into the industry for 21 years and we have developed a full range of smart lighting control products centered around "Smart Home", "Intelligent Driver" and "LED Control System". We have also created sub-brand products such as L-BUS® lighting control system, LTSYS® intelligent drivers, and Xiaolei® smart home products. Additionally, we have created our L-Home® IoT cloud platform. A large number of competitive, safe and reliable products have been provided for smart homes, smart offices, and smart hotels. We have built tens of thousands of medium- and large-size lighting projects and will continue to provide one-stop intelligent lighting control solutions to our global customers.

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