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Year-in-Review | LTECH New Products & Technologies in 2022

Dec 30, 2022

In the year of 2022,

LTECH was committed to technological innovation

and solved industry challenges over again and again

From the groundbreaking 0.0001% dimming technology

to incredible NFC programmable DALI drivers

LTECH achieved industry milestones

with its forward-looking products and technologies

Now, let’s look back on the amazing

new products & technologies in 2022


SUPER+ Series Won 6 International Awards

With outstanding appearance, exceptional performance, SUPER+ Series received 6 international awards, including iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Japan G-Mark Design Award, IDPA Japan Design Award, Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award and CES Innovation Awards. For most smart panels on the market that can be combined together as a whole, manufacturers mainly focus on the aesthetics of overall look after installation, who pay less attention to the mounted junction boxes. Sometimes the junction boxes needed are non-standard size, which require users to pre-embed the specific junction boxes in advance, causing great inconvenience to decorating projects. SUPER+ Series fixed this problem since the whole set of panels are installed in the 86 type junction boxes. Besides, LTECH Super+ Series products come with appealing looks, which can be seamlessly integrated into your wall and make it look more organized and concise. Users are able to flexibly combine the panels together in more than 400 ways and choose the best panel combination depending on their needs, making product usage more convenient and user-friendly.

▶ Click to view: SUPER+series product details


NFC Programmable DALI Drivers

LTECH NFC programmable DALI drivers are a big breakthrough technology of the world. NFC programming could only rewrite the output current before. LTECH’s newly launched NFC programmable DALI LED drivers, which “adds” the functionality of a DALI master controller to the mobile App or the NFC programmer. This makes the complex setting of DALI commands, grouping and scenes super easy via the APP or the NFC programmer. It enables quick, simple and smart operation of reading, writing and programming LED driver data, which are super friendly to new users.

▶ Click to view: NFC Programmable DALI Drivers details


DMX/RDM Signal Amplifier

LTECH DMX/RDM signal amplifier automatically recognizes DMX/RDM signals. It comes with 1 channel input, 8 channel outputs, and multiple channel outputs increase the DMX device number. The DMX/RDM signal amplifier has the relay function for amplifying weak DMX/RDM signals and extending the signal transmission distance. It is designed with 75mm in length that is directly mounted in the standard 1U rack cabinet without modification.

▶ Click to view: DMX/RDM Signal Amplifier details


Microwave motion sensor

LTECH microwave motion sensors use cutting-edge technologies like microwave sensing technology, dual-sensing technology and anti-jamming technology for preventing infrared interference to realize the complete control of light. LTECH microwave motion sensors work perfectly in combination of LTECH smart gateway to achieve lighting automation and scene linkage. The sensors run on the Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh system that enables local execution of scenes without the Internet or a gateway. LTECH microwave motion sensors can truly trigger lights to turn on wherever you are, meeting your needs anytime, anywhere.

▶ Click to view: Microwave motion sensor details


Dedicated drivers for magnetic track lights

LTECH dedicated drivers for magnetic track lights contain dimmable, non-dimmable and tunable white driver, which are compatible with 0-10V, DALI-2, Bluetooth 5.0 and Zigbee. With whisper-quiet performance and deep dimming function, the drivers are ideally suited for all kinds of magnetic track lights. Thanks to the minimalist design with just 8g in weight, the drivers are suited for integration in luminaires, making the installation more convenient.

▶ Click to view: Dedicated drivers for magnetic track lights details


T-PWM Super Depth Dimming Technology

As a pioneer of super depth dimming technology, LTECH made a breakthrough again and realized T-PWM Super Depth Dimming Technology. With this, dimming can be down to 0.0001% and is smooth, flicker-free, which fits into various scenes and meeting people’s needs for lighting.

▶ Click to view: T-PWM Super Depth Dimming Technology details


Distributed scene storage technology

Smart home devices response slowly and rely on the Internet, which are pain points of the smart home industry. LTECH launched the smart black technology for smart homes in 2022, called distributed scene storage technology. It empowers users to experience the smart devices with high-speed response. What’s more, numerous scenes can run at anytime without the Internet connection, which makes industry professionals feel amazed.

▶ Click to view: Distributed scene storage technology details


Adaptive Lighting

LTECH has dived deep into the field of intelligent lighting for nearly 20 years, centered toward Human-centric Lighting principle. In 2022, LTECH launched adaptive lighting technology that empowers users to create circadian lighting or customize circadian lighting to meet their needs. After locating the city, users can set lighting to simulate the changes of natural light throughout the day and then adjust the lighting status. Users can also customize circadian lighting at certain times of the day to meet the requirement for lighting depending on different environments. Doing so makes lighting really "smart".

▶ Click to view: Distributed scene storage technology details

In 2023

LTECH will stay committed to its original intention

Bringing more new products and technologies

and injecting more vitality into the industry!