WiFi-102 controller

Brief introduction

WIFI-102 controller appeared, with the installation of controlling software on mobile devices like Android & IOS phones, tablet PCs, they can remote control LED lighting products through WiFi, which makes LED control more intelligent and humanization.

One WIFI-102 controller can be used as dimmer, CT controller, even RGB controller, which means a significant saving to middleman who need to stock up, now one product will realize your three desires.
In addition, this model has DIY function. Users can get any effect they want based on our controlling software.

If you don't have any mobile devices with the controlling software at hand, you could also use our 2.4G RF remote control--T series(T1, T2, T3) to control it , which provides more choices!
Performance Features
  • ● Support both wifi control of Apple products (iPod, iPad, iPhone) , Android mobile devices like samsung, HTC and RF wireless remote
  •     control More flexible, efficient, intelligent.
  • ● With the 3 in 1(RGB, dimming, CT) apple/android mobile device App. one machine multipurpose to suit different lighting application
  •     scenarios.
  • ● Built-in 32 fixed modes, 8 DIY modes which are programmable. infinite changes mixed by the three primary colours--red, green and blue.
  • ● Save scenes anytime anywhere for next play.
  • ● WiFi and remote wireless control are all based on global universal 2.4 GHZ frequency band to work, share a root 2.4 G antenna, avoid
  •     bringing space pollution by WiFi and remote control using different frequency wireless signal.
  • ● Optional CV/CC wireless sync control, it is easy to add sub-control for WiFi master controller in not enough power, wireless
  •     connection in different zones. CV/CC sub-control can connect different kinds of LEDs.
Software technical parameters
Platform Android 2.1 or above, IOS3.2 or above, with the wifi function
Size IOS(4.6MB), Android(1.5MB)
Language English
Category Tool
Others Free, plug-in-free
Download (Scan QR Code via mobile phone)
Product parameter
  • WiFi-102 Controller

    power supply DC CV SMPS
    Input voltage DC12V-DC24V
    Max current load 4A×3CH   Max 12A
    Max output power 144W/288W(12V/24V)
    output control flexibly control single color,cold warm color, RGB LED lighting fixture
    control distance Max 100m
    RGB color change mode 32 fixed modes, 8 DIY modes
    scene mode 9
    Working temperature -20℃~50℃
    Dimension L128×W73×H45mm
    Package size L135×W80×H50mm
    Weight (G.W.) 325g
  • T1, T2, T3 Remote Control

    Input voltage DC5V (Built-in Lithium battery)
    Working current ≤30mA
    Working frequency 2.4GHZ
    transmitting distance 30m
    Battery capacity 1000mAh
    Standby time ≤6 months
    Dimension L145×W55×H22mm
    Package Size L168×W102×H28mm
    Weight (G.W) 200g
  • T3-CC Receiving controller (current 3 in 1)

    Input voltage DC12V-DC48V
    Output voltage DC3V-DC46V
    Output current CC 350/700/1050mA ×3CH
    Output power 1.05W~48.3W ×3CH  Max 144.9W
    Compatible remote control T1/T2/T2M/T3/T3M/T3X remote control
    Working temperature -30℃~55℃
    Dimension L175×W44×H30(mm)
    Package size L178×W48×H33mm
    Weight (G.W.) 110g
  • T3-CV Receiving controller

    Input voltage DC5V-DC24V
    Max current load 6A×3CH Max 18A
    Max output power 90W/216W/432W(5V/12V/24V)
    Compatible remote control T1/T2/T2M/T3/T3M/T3X
    remote control
    Working temperature -30℃~55℃
    Dimension L175×W44×H30(mm)
    Package size L178×W48×H33mm
    Weight (G.W.) 110g